Central Register of Fonds

The database of Central Register of Fonds (CRF) contains information about the records of National Archival Fonds of Latvia – i.e., about the fonds of state and municipal institutions and enterprises, commissions, significant events and activities, as well as private rights subject, i.e. the fonds of organizations and physical persons. CRF contains data about these fonds, which are preserved in the following archives:

Summary description of the fonds are given according to the Latvia Standard LVS 369:2004 "Archival Description. General Rules"

The data of the LVVA, LVA, and RSA are updated every weekday. The data of the PDVA are updated twice a month.

History of CRF

On-line access to the CRF was launched on December, 2004 in cooperation with the State Culture Capital Foundation and SIA "Data Pro". During this project the summary description of the fonds of the State Historical Archives and 11 regional archives were consolidated in the database of CRF.

On November 2005 the decription of the PDVA and LVA fonds in the CRF database is accomplished.


Content of Database

In the database are fowing data about archival holdings in fonds level:


Searching Guidelines

The CRF database offers several kinds of data searching in the frameworks of one archive or in the all state archives of Latvia. To found the necessary data about the fonds of the one archives you should choose in the list of archives – the title "Location of the fonds (archives)". If the archives are not mentioned, the search of the fonds will be made in the data of all archives.


Entry Fields of the Fonds Searching Forms

Entry Field "Title"

In the entry field "Title" can be entered the title of fonds or name of agency, as well as fonds/agency's previous title or only several words in Latvian. The words of title can be partial. Searching function lets to find entries even with the partial words or separate syllables. For example, when looking for the fond: PSRS Tirdzniecības ministrija Baltijas augļu un dārzeņu tirdzniecības kantoris "Glavtorgplodovošč", you can write only baltij augļ glavtorg, or even glavtorgplod.

Search engine does not separate letters with diacritic marks. Therefore you can write without lengthening marks and palatalizations. To write, for example, krājbanka or ražošanas, you can write krajbanka or razosanas.


Entry Field "Sphere (Branch) of creators' activity"

In the entry field "Sphere (Branch) of creators'activity" can be entered the agencies branch or the scope of fonds information; or the fragments of it in Latvian. For example, "Gaļas un gaļas produktu ražošana, pārstrāde un konservēšana" or galas produkt. Lengthening marks and palatalizations cannot be used. The branch can also be chosen by pushing the link Select the branch….


Entry Field "Reference code"

The entry field "Reference code" is provided to enter the fonds number. In the archives for each unit a unique number is given. If in this field the number is entered, the search engine will leave out data of other entry fields.


Entry Field "Date(s)"

The entry field "Date(s)" is provided to enter the dates of existence of the fonds. In these fields you can enter the years. If the years will be entered in this field, the search engine will select the fonds with the dates of existence, which are included in the interval of the given dates. For example, if in the field are entered data 1960 and 1999, there will be selected fonds with dates of existence between 1960 and smaller than 1999. The chronological borders can be given partially: "from" or "till".


Entry Field "List Size"

The entry field "List Size" is provides to show how many units (fonds) can be selected in the list. With default in the list will be selected 20 fonds. For browse the links ">>" and "<<" can be used.

For the detailed information about the fonds you should use the link with the fond title. Navigating this link, the fonds card will open.


Searching Results

The list of results can be received, pressing the button "Search" or on the keyboard the key "Enter".

The list of the selected fonds can be arranged by the name of archives (or abbreviation); by the fonds number; by the fonds title, by dates of existence. Rearranging of the list can be made, using according link in the header of the table, clicking on the underlined record in the list of selected fonds.

For the browse of the selected data the links ">>" and "<<" can be used.


Detailed Information About Fonds

For the detailed information about the fonds you should use the link with the fonds title. Navigating this link, the fonds description will open.


Questions, Comments and Suggestions

Questions and comments about CRF please sent to the direkcija@arhivi.gov.lv.